Partner With Us

And receive quality, qualified development project leads

Who do we partner with?

Developer Quotes as a marketplace for obtaining quotes from multiple software development companies in one place. We make it quick and easy to see multiple available options for getting your custom application built.

Our partners are development companies, who we work with to obtain quotes and ultimately fulfil our customers’ orders with.  We work with both local and global software development companies, to find the best fit for our customers’ needs. 

Whether you’re a freelance developer or a team of 100, we have opportunities available in all shapes and sizes!

Why partner with us?

If you’re a software development company that is actively looking for leads and new opportunities, you have come to the right place!

Our extensive investments in marketing mean we’re able to connect more customers with developers

Our tried-and-true lead qualification process means you only receive pre-qualified leads, saving you time and money

We match you to projects that are within your skillset and experience, meaning you

You only pay for the qualified leads you receive, saving you significantly on marketing costs

How Does it work?


Signup as a Partner and your Dedicated AM will onboard you.


Get matched instantly with new leads as they become available.


Accept the leads that suit your skills and you’ll receive a comprehensive set of lead qualification and scoping.


Submit your proposal to the customer and our team will follow them up on your behalf.


Once the customer accepts your proposal, our team will put you in touch directly with the customer to get started on the project.


Now you own the customer relationship and can work with on future opportunities.

How does developer quotes qualify leads?

We liaise with the customer to gather as much information about their application requirements as possible

Our team review the details and ensure everything is within reason.  If any issues are identified, we work with the customer to adjust the scope, or expectations until a reasonable balance can be achieved

We collate information about the customers business, budget and timeline expectations

Once everything is approved, the lead undergoes final review from our in-house software architect, before receiving the final seal of approval

We refine the information gathered into a summary and a high-level scope for the application

The technical requirements are then matched against our partner database and matched to available partners whose experience, capabilities and capacity match to the customer’s requirements

What does it cost?

There’s no cost to join, no monthly fees and no contract period!  You only pay for the qualified leads you receive and choose to accept. 

We operate on a pre-paid credit basis, issuing lead credits in packages (as listed below).

When we send a matched, qualified lead notification your way, you can choose to exchange a lead credit to accept the opportunity, or you can pass on it at no cost.


Lead credit package pricing

Lead Credits Early Adopter Bonus! $ / Lead (Approx.) Price
2 4 $50.00 $100.00
5 10 $40.00 $200.00
14 28 $35.71 $500.00
30 60 $33.00 $1,000.00


How do I apply?

Simply fill out our online application form to apply to become a partner…